Orchard Grammar School

Since 1998

About Us

Orchard Grammar School was established and registered with Director of Schools, Karachi in 1998. The Management has been endeavoring since then to open up new vista for viable education to be imparted on modern, scientific, positive and sound footings to make it competitive with the challenges of new Millennium.

We strongly committed to quality and high standard education by providing excellent facilities for physical education, in door/out door games and extra curricular activities. These are the very important part of the academics affairs of the Orchard Grammar School in modulating the personality of the children. Individual attention is given to each and every child to enhance their knowledge and wisdom. A team of well-qualified, experienced and dedicated staff whose teaching expertise will enable the students to have the best education for their all around development in a rapidly changing world scenario.

Orchard Grammar School will ensure highest standard of teaching by professionally qualified and experienced trained teaching staff. We prefer to communicate with the parents for their valued suggestions regarding the performance of our school and progress of their children. Present days education pre-requisites call for development of a child in conjunction with formal education. The following skills are the fundamental steps for the initial exposure of a child to the world of education.

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Self Esteem: Children must learn to feel good about themselves and believe they can succeed.
Confidence: Confident children are more willing to attempt new tasks and try again if they don’t succeed the first time.
Initiative & Drive: Children also need to learn to take initiative and display drive in how to do things for themselves.
Motivation: Children must want to learn.
Teamwork: Children must be able to get along with others and learn to share and take turns.
Decision Making: Children must learn to take decisions of minor level.

Mission Statement

The School is committed to the principle of learning and the aim is to provide the finest environment possible for teaching, learning and innovation.

To provide for all students the opportunity to achieve their full potential through quality and high standard education.

Orchard Grammar is the School where children can fulfill their ambitions both personally and academically and equip themselves for their intended career / profession.